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Top undetectable free and paid keyloggers in 2024

We present you the top keyloggers for Windows, tested and evaluated by our experts. Using this list, you can easily pick up a keylogger for your needs without going into technical details. These are the best paid keyloggers currently on the market. Most products have a free trial, so you can evaluate the keylogger before you buy it.

#1 Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition

Advantages: Very secure, functional and easy-to-use monitoring tool. With its expansive set of PC monitoring tools, this powerful and totally stealth computer spy software enables you to record everything your child or your employee does. In particular, this product can do the following: Log Skype conversations, chat messages sent and received; record activity in all popular web browsers, as well as in Facebook and other social networks; log all contents of incoming and outgoing emails and webmail; and much more; Generate comprehensive Top-10 Activity Reports, detailing all user activities; archive the logs for future viewing; search the logs for specific keywords; Remotely monitor the PC, sending you scheduled and on-demand email reports and real-time alerts; Remotely update settings from the cloud and uninstall if necessary; Block Unwanted Applications, Websites, and Chat clients; Send you instant alerts via Email when unwanted activities take place.
Drawbacks: Available in English only
Summary: One of the best monitoring software among those we have tested! Spytech SpyAgent is the best choice for computer monitoring and surveillance needs. Invisible for anyone. Easy-to-use interface. Recommended to absolutely all the groups of our visitors, from beginners to professionals. Recommended for parental control, employee surveillance or monitoring of your home computer! Wherever you are, you will get info about every keystroke users type, every website users visit, every email users send, etc. Last Update: April 25th, 2019 SpyAgent has been updated to V10.31. SpyAgent is now capable of logging all the activity for Edge - Chromium-based web browser.

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#2 Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO

Advantages: Available in 9 languages, friendly and clear interface. Unlike other reviewed keyloggers can be used to monitor your computer from mobile with special app for Android or iOS
Drawbacks: Unable to record mouse clicks.
Summary: A professional but easy-to-use keylogger that is worth the price. With the wide range of settings this multifunctional product is a perfect tool for both employees monitoring and parental control. It allows to track in a remote and absolutely secured manner any activity of the PC user, fill and send the logs via a number of ways (or monitor in online mode!) as well as block the unwanted web pages. The friendly clear interface together with availability in 9 languages make this software popular among beginners along with experts in many countries.

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#3 Refog Personal Monitor

Advantages: Easy to use, rich functionality, available in 12 languages.
Drawbacks: Cannot restrict certain websites visiting and programs starting. You will not find the logon password in the log-files.
Summary: Refog Personal Monitor is a perfect software for PC monitoring and parental control. It is excellent, user-friendly, multi-purpose software. The product will record everything type on the keyboard, the history of visited web sites, Chats and Social Network Conversations, Skype chats and Skype voice conversations, and much more. With this tool, you will know what programs were launched and for how long. The program can also record all Skype voice calls and chats, so you could be sure that no one molests your children. Custom stop-phrase list enables you to receive an alert immediately as soon as a suspected threat is detected. That's why this product is recommended to all the groups of users. It captures plenty of information for you to be sure that your PC is used properly. Besides, it is suitable for remote monitoring.

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#4 All In One Keylogger

Advantages: Great almost at everything — nearly all the features from our testing are fully implemented, including the sound recording; available in 12 languages.
Drawbacks: Weak emails' monitoring. Outdated interface.
Summary: One of the most popular PC surveillance software currently available on the market. Offers a lot of advanced features at a pretty affordable price. The interface is translated into 12 languages, which makes it suitable for users from many countries. The product can do the following: Log Keystrokes; Log Facebook posts (Facebook Keystrokes Logger); Record everything typed in instant messengers; Record Microphone sounds; Log desktop activity; Capture screenshots and display captured screenshots as a "Slide Show"; Monitor application usage; Perform quick search in the log; Send reports via e-Mail, FTP, Network; Generate and send reports in HTML format; Disable unwanted software; Filter monitored user accounts; Block unwanted URLs; Stop logging when computer is idle. Recommended for absolutely all the groups of users, including not only English-speakers. No restrictions to the areas of using.

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#5 Total Logger

Advantages: High level of security, programs' and websites' blocking, easy interface, and a pre-configured installer available.
Drawbacks: Doesn't record copying, mouse clicks, and opened files; doesn't log system inactivity time. Real-time Remote Viewing is not available.
Summary: It's a pretty easy-to-use keylogger with a full set of functions you will need for parental control. It can well be recommended for monitoring a home PC. Total Logger is available in 6 languages (namely, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Polish) and supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. The program is well-hidden: it is invisible to other users and canno be detected by anti-virus software. It records keystrokes, use of applications, usb-devices, instant messengers, as well as records web browsing, printed documents, uploaded files, file operations, makes screenshots. The program is user-friendly, so it can be recommended to all users - from beginners to gurus alike.

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#6 Spytector

Advantages: Multifunctional, completely stealth, easy-to-use software, with an interface available in 3 languages and 7 design options. Logs all keystrokes, including passwords and both sides of chats, tracks URL history. The log files are encrypted and sent via Email and FTP. The additional options are available: icon changing, automatic uninstall, and hotkey uninstall. The full version of this keylogger is undetectable for all popular antivirus products.
Drawbacks: Does not record audio and video files.
Summary: Spytector is an efficient configurable keylogger suitable for both private or corporate PC monitoring. Supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows 10. The program records all activities of the PC user and sends encrypted log files via email or FTP. One can select one of 7 skins of its interface, as well as one of 3 languages. Special filters help its user narrow monitoring and block launch of unwanted apps and websites. Besides, Spytector is invisible for anti-monitoring software, which makes it one of the most sophisticated and popular keyloggers available on the market.

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#7 StaffCop Standard

Advantages: Easy to use, rich functionality. Good at monitoring documents sent to print, as well as recording emails transferred via encrypted SSL channel and logging web sites visited via encrypted HTTPS connection.
Drawbacks: Not suitable for parental control, because lacks such function as word filtering.
Summary: StaffCop Standard is a pretty easy-to-use tool for employee monitoring and data loss prevention; it can boast of rich functionality. It was designed for corporate monitoring and fits this purpose perfectly. StaffCop Standard allows real time monitoring the following: keystrokes; clipboard contents; various operations with files and folders; files, copied from the workstation to USB data storage devices; visited web sites; message exchange in Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, and Skype; all users' activities in social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; contents of messages sent by both parties of email exchange, including attachments; emails, transferred via encrypted SSL channel, and web site sessions established via HTTPS connection; screenshots of user’s display; all documents sent to print; etc. StaffCop's smart interface and its availability in 5 languages allows us to recommend this product to all users.

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#8 NetBull Keylogger

Advantages: NetBull is more than just a keylogger. It is able to track usernames and passwords stored in browsers (Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome), record conversations in messenger and history of visited websites. The log files can be encrypted and sent via FTP/Email. What is more, NetBull is the most undetectable keylogger currently available on the market.
Drawbacks: Its interface available only in one language and audio/video files are not recorded
Summary: NetBull is a completely stealth, practical and user-friendly spy software with many configurable settings. Its intuitive interface and perfectly implemented basic functions makes this product suitable for both commercial and private use. There are features that allow to narrow monitoring as well as to prevent unwanted apps from launching and web sites from being visited. This keylogger is so well-hidden that could well be called undetectable. All-in-all, NetBull is an effective software suitable for corporate and home PC monitoring or parental control.

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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
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