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All In One Keylogger

Great almost at everything — nearly all the features from our testing are fully implemented, including the sound recording; available in 12 languages. Weak emails' monitoring. Outdated interface. One of the best monitoring software currently available on the market. Has a very rich functionality and is translated to 12 languages that will allow all the users to get maximum of its using. Recommended for absolutely all the groups of users including not only English-speakers.

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Elite Keylogger

Great interception of visited URLs, nice interface, plenty of log-delivery options. No chats and file-activity logging. Very good, functional and easy to use keylogger. Can be recommended for home monitoring. Has very nice, easy to use interface. Elite Keylogger is available in 3 languages and supports 64-bit versions of Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Recommended to all the types of users.

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NetBull Keylogger

More than a simple keylogger – it can track usernames and passwords stored in browsers, records messenger conversations and visited websites history. The logs can be encrypted for FTP/Email transfer. Only one language for interface, no screenshots and audio/video files record An easy-to-use spy software with many configurable settings, broad OS support and great invisibility. Intuitive interface and perfectly implemented basic functions make it applicable for both commercial and private use. There are also features allowing to narrow monitoring and block unwanted apps and web sites. All-in-all, NetBull is an effective tool for tracking PC user’s activity.

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REFOG Personal Monitor

Easy to use, rich functionality, available in 12 languages. Cannot restrict certain websites visiting and programs starting. Software with great approach to the user. Recommended to all the groups of users. No restrictions as to the areas of using.

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Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO

Available in 9 languages, friendly and clear interface. Unlike other reviewed keyloggers can be used to monitor your computer from mobile with special app for Android or iOS Unable to record mouse clicks. A professional but easy-to-use keylogger that is worth the price. With the wide range of settings this multifunctional product is a perfect tool for both employees monitoring and parental control. It allows to track in a remote and absolutely secured manner any activity of the PC user, fill and send the logs via a number of ways (or monitor in online mode!) as well as block the unwanted web pages. The friendly clear interface together with availability in 9 languages make this software popular among beginners along with experts in many countries.

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Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition

Very secure, functional and easy-to-use monitoring tool. This keylogger records from webcam and microphone, has real-time viewing. Available in English only One of the best keyloggers among those we have tested! A very good monitoring software with functionality good for performing employee monitoring, parental control or monitoring of your home computer! The keylogger is not only very functional, but is also very easy-to-use, because of its handy interface! Recommended to absolutely all the groups of our visitors: from beginners to professionals.

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Multifunctional, easy-to-use program with perfect stealthiness. Interface available in 3 languages and 7 skins. Tracking URL history, keystrokes, passwords, chats (both sides). Encrypted logs transferred via Email and FTP. No record of screenshots, audio/video files A good configurable keylogger intended for private or corporate monitoring purposes. OS support is wide, including Windows 10. The program tracks all PC user activity and sends encrypted logs by a few channels (FTP or Email). You can choose one of 3 languages and one of 7 skins for its friendly interface. Numerous settings include special filters that help narrow monitoring as well as block unwanted sites and apps. All the above together with high level of invisibility make Spytector one of advanced marketable keyloggers.

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StaffCop Standard

Easy to use, very good URLs logging, available in 5 languages. No parental control functions. Easy-to-use monitoring software with reach functionality. It was designed for corporate monitoring and is very good in doing its job. Its smart interface and availability in 5 languages allow us to recommend it to all the types of users.

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Total Spy

Very simple, cheap and easy-to-use keylogger. Only basic functionality. Available in English only. The keylogger with basic set of features and cheap price. Very easy-to-use. Can be a good choise if you are looking for an affordable keylogger to monitor your home PC.

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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
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