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Spytech SpyAgent Stealth Edition

Very secure, functional and easy-to-use monitoring tool. Available in English only, not perfect at logging both sides of chat conversations. One of the best monitoring software among those we have tested. A flexible product that not only can be used both for home and remote monitoring, but also very easy to use and configure because of its intuitive interface. Recommended to absolutely all the groups of our visitors: from beginners to professionals.

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SoftActivity Keylogger

Great logging of chat conversations, good URLs' logging, can be used for remote monitoring. No parental control functions, bad file activity monitoring. Greatly hidden software with good interface and lots of functions. However the misbalance in its features doesn't allow us to recommend it to any specific type of monitoring. That is why we recommend our users studying its functions in order to understand if the software will or will not satisfy their needs. As for the easiness-to-use the software doesn't require any special skills or knowledge to be used, thus is recommended for all the types of users.

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iSafeSoft Keylogger

Intercepts visited websites greatly, supports various Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, can record sounds. Doesn't log file activites, logs only one side of chat conversations. An easy-to-use keylogger with nice interface. Supports various Windows operating systems, including Windows 8 and is available in English only. Its functionality is enough for home monitoring.

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The Best Keylogger

Easy-to-use, good URLs interception, can be used for remote monitoring. No chat and emails interception. Balanced the way it can be used for monitoring your home PC, privacy of your kids and workstations of your employees. Its interface containing the explanations of all the functions and overall easiness-to-use allows us to recommend it to all the groups of users.

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Perfect Keylogger

Support of various Windows operating systems, available in multiple languages, great interception of chat conversations, good logging of visited websites. No file activity monitoring and parental control features. A keylogger that is very easy to use and configure. Has clear interface and is available in multiple languages. Recommended for home monitoring. Despite the abscence of some of the parental control features can be used for monitoring of your kids.

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Very good interface, great chat monitoring, good parental control features. No clipboard logging, doesn't make screenshots. Very user friendly and easy to use monitoring software. The list of its features allows us to recommend it for both parental control and employee monitoring. We also recommend it to all the types of users, from amateurs to professionals.

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Spector Pro

Easy to use, majority of the features are implemented, nice interface. Inability to send log-files remotely, weak URLs monitoring, available in English only. Easy to use monitoring software with reach functionality. Recommended for home monitoring and all the groups of users.

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Elite Keylogger Pro

Logon password detection, great URLs logging, very good interface. No file-activity monitoring, no chats logging. Easy-to-use and greatly hidden monitoring software with a very good interface. The misbalance in its functions doesn't allow us to recommend any specific sphere for it using that means you will need to judge by yourself whether it will fit your needs or not. However we can recommend it to all the types of users as it is really easy to configure and use.

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Stealth Keylogger

Ultimately fast installation, nice interface, strong file-activity monitoring, can be used for remote monitoring. Available in English only, weak URLs interception. Easy-to-use tool with functionality perfect for monitoring in your office. Though it lacks an ability to prohibit pre-specified websites and applications running, its almost perfect results in file-activity, PC log on/off and inactivity time monitoring enforced with ability of remote logs delivery make it almost perfect software to be installed on the PCs of your employees.

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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
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